Visa for Cambodia Explained - Tourist and Single Entry

    There is so much to experience in Cambodia. Talk about the people, the food, the numerous places to see, and how much history the country holds. It is quite relieving to find out that visiting Cambodia is quite a breeze now with the Cambodia tourist visa. With the introduction of the electronic visa (e-visa), travelers from selected countries can now travel to Cambodia without applying for a visa at the embassy. The visa application process is completed through an online portal, and it takes away the need to meet with an official at the embassy for a visa interview.

    The electronic visa to Cambodia application involves submitting an application online and getting the visa document via email all within four business days.

    Details of the Cambodia tourist visa

    Type of visa: Single Entry Tourist visa

    Maximum Duration: 30 days.

    Validity: 3 months from the approval date.

    Requirements for Application

    • Fill out all the required fields on the application form.
    • Have a PayPal account, valid credit, or debit card to process payment.
    • Provide a valid and functional email address to receive your E-Visa.
    • Enter a valid passport number with more than six-month validity.

    Steps to Apply for a Cambodia tourist visa

    1. Fill and submit the online application correctly.
    2. Make payment using your PayPal account or a valid credit/debit card.
    • Visa will be submitted for processing, after which you must wait.
    1. Within four working days, you will receive the visa document in PDF format. Download and print it out.’
    2. Take the visa document with you when traveling to Cambodia, as you will be required to tender it at the immigration counter. Make sure you keep an extra copy of this document with you at all times throughout your stay in Cambodia.

    Getting a tourist visa to Cambodia online is the easiest option that travelers have compared to opting for a visa on arrival. With the electronic Cambodia visa, travelers are saved the stress and time of waiting to get their visa on arrival approved or even visiting an embassy before they make their trip to Cambodia. Check out more detailed steps below:

    1. Visit the visa to Cambodia application website and fill the application form

    You can apply for a visa to Cambodia online. The process is quite straightforward, and you only have to make sure all the details you supply match with the ones you have on your passport.

    1. Create an account

    Creating an account gives you a permanent dashboard where you can always request another Cambodia tourist visa some other time. If you are planning extended trips or you intend to travel to Cambodia multiple times, having an account to manage all your application makes things easier.

    1. Pay the application fees

    Without the application fees, you cannot submit your Cambodia tourist visa application. To make the payment successfully, you need to have a valid credit or debit card, a functional Alipay or UnionPay or PayPal account. Any of these options are accepted, and the application fee, once paid, is non-refundable. So, make sure all submitted information is correct before the final submission.

    1. Wait for up to four business days

    It takes four business days to process your Cambodia visa. Within those four days, you can log into your account at any time to check the status of your application using the application reference number and your email address.

    1. Print out the visa document

    When the visa gets approved, you have to print out the visa document that was sent to your email address. And when traveling to Cambodia, take the printout with you as the immigration officers will ask you to tender it. You should also make multiple copies so you can have one on you throughout your stay in Cambodia.

    Some Facts about Cambodia Tourist Visa

    • The Cambodia visa is valid for three months and allows you to spend a maximum of 30 days in the country.
    • It is a single-entry visa. If you want to travel to Cambodia again, you will need to pay for another visa.
    • You need a valid passport with a validity of six months.

    Travel to Cambodia with the E-visa has made things a lot easier. Apply today and tick experiencing the beauty of Cambodia off your bucket list.

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