Another "Can’t Miss" Hot Spot in Egypt: Gu Bar

    Located in front of the Cairo Marriott Hotel, Gu Bar is a popular destination for tourists to Egypt because it offers an Asian-flair experience that is touted as an “ultimate gateway to indulgence and an otherworldly experience” from the makers of Tabla. 

    Whether you’re looking to just have a couple of drinks, want to experience a full-fledged nightclub with sound supremacy, or simply enjoy a dinner of delicacies from the East, the Gu Bar is the Cairo hot spot for decadence. 

    Read about the Egypt Visa; which is needed prior top arrival.

    A Little About Gu Bar

    Located in Zamalek, Cairo, Gu Bar is open 7pm - 3am and if you’re in the mood for some fantastic Sushi, they run a promotion every day from 7-11pm. For the ladies, you can get not one, but two free drinks on Tuesday nights and you’ll get in free as well.

    Gu Bar has a resident Dj but is also one of the most popular spots for guest DJs and musical guests. When you get down to it, there really aren’t that many spots around Zamalek that you can have an equally impressive experience for drinks, gourmet dinners, and raging parties alike, but Gu Bar gives you just that. 

    Once you’re inside, you’ll find that the interior is as eclectic as Gu Bar’s food, drink, and music offerings – from patchwork rainbow colored walls to massive pillars that double as lamps and lights that can be changed on command. Whether you’re in the mood for some fantastic Sushi or Beef Teriyaki, you just want to try the near-infamous signature cocktail Gŭ, or you want a taste of the Cairo nightlife, Gu Bar is a stop you simply shouldn’t miss.

    The Gu Bar Menu

    Looking for a great place to have a fantastic dining experience? Gu Bar has a rather impressive menu and while we won’t list all of their dishes in each category, we wanted to give you an overall idea of what you can expect.

    Dynamite Roll

    • Dynamite Salmon with Cheese
    • Dynamite Mix
    • Dynamite Whole Shrimp
    • Salmon and Shrimp Tempura

    Special Ura

    • Ura Crab and Shrimp Paste
    • Gu Bar Roll
    • New Style Philadelphia
    • Philadelphia Roll
    • Pink Panther
    • Avocado Caterpillar Roll


    • Sake Temaki
    • Ebi Temaki
    • Ikura Tamaki
    • Maguro Temaki
    • Tako Temaki

    Hoso Maki

    • Hoso Ebi Maki
    • Hoso Sake Maki
    • Hoso Tekka Maki

    Ura Maki

    • Volcano
    • Ura California
    • Dragon Roll
    • Vegetarian


    • Shiromi Sashimi
    • Sake Sashimi
    • Maguro Sashimi
    • Tako Sashimi

    The List Goes On and On

    The above is seriously a skimmed down list of even those categories, and Gu Bar has a lot more to offer.

    • Hot roll Tempura
    • Nigiri Sushi
    • Appetizers like Fried Calamari and Shrimp Konafa
    • Poultry favorites Sweet Chili Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and Crispy Duck
    • Beef dishes like Spicy Beef with Sautéed Broccoli, Sweet Chili Beef, and Mongolian Beef
    • Classic seafood delights like Red Curry Salmon, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, and Kung Pao Shrimp
    • Side dish selections including a variety of Glass Noodle options, Fried Rice, and Steamed Rice

    If you’re ready for some fantastic Sushi or other delicious Asian cuisine, or you want to rock out with some Egyptian nightlife, Gu Bar is the spot that should be at the top of your list.

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