Safest Way To Explore The Luxor In Egypt

    Luxor is nothing short of breathtaking. It is the most important archaeological and historical site that everyone traveling to Egypt visits. It is utterly famous and well-known for its temples and museums and you will find yourself around many such sites in Luxor.

    However, one thing that everyone visiting Egypt is concerned about is safety. Now while the situation hasn’t been ideal, since the past few years tourism has boosted as Egypt has become significantly safe. The safest way to explore Luxor is to have a guide with you.

    Yes, a tour guide will know everything and everyone and they will make sure that your stay there is a safe and fruitful one. Once you have one, here are a few places you can visit in Luxor to have the safest and most amazing experience.

    Egyptian columns at the ancient city of Luxor
    Egyptian columns at the ancient city of Luxor.

    Luxor Museum 

    This is the best museum you will find in all of Egypt. You will find the finest artifacts collected from the Old Kingdom up to the Islamic Period. While the museum has fewer pieces, it does have quality ones. What you will find will enrich your knowledge about ancient Egypt and its history.

    When you are here don’t forget to see the painted reliefs on the Wall of Akhenaten. It was originally a part of his Temple of the Sun at Karnak. However, it has since then been preserved in this museum.

    Visit the Banana Island by taking a felucca ride

    Want to see a beautiful sunset on the sea and then see the stars come up at night? A felucca ride is the best way to experience this view. They are sailboats that are controlled by men who take you on a ride.

    You can watch the beautiful sunset, the stars, and even visit the Banana Island which is something that should not be missed.

    Temple of Karnak

    This temple has many other temples within as well such as the Temple of Khons, Great Temple of Amun, and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III. This is one of the most important sites in Luxor and is beautiful in all its ancient glory. The temples, buildings, and monuments inside the Karnak are so magnanimous that you will look and feel small once inside.

    Do remember to take your time here and take the whole day to explore this temple. It is something that should not be visited in a hurry because there is so much to see and learn from this site that even a day won’t be enough to understand its magnificence.

    Take a hot air balloon ride over the city

    If you get tired of all the tombs, museums, and the temples then you can take a hot air balloon ride to view the entire city aerially. Do remember that Luxor is extremely hot during the day so either take a ride during sunset or sunrise. These are the best times to explore the city from this angle and take in the beautiful view of the sky as well.

    Enjoy Egyptian cuisine at the Sofra Restaurant and Café

    You haven't fully explored a city and its culture until you have had their food. Egyptian cuisine is delicious but also unique in the sense that you will find the use of many vegetables and fruits in their dishes.

    This restaurant serves the most authentic and delicious Egyptian food you will find in all of Luxor. However, if you don’t like the taste (which you will because their food is truly delectable) you can also try from their international menu!

    Visit the Medinet Habu

    This is a place that many tourists overlook. However, it is one of the most beautiful temples and something you should take a look at as the whole temple is covered with reliefs. The temple is built on a similar model as that of the Ramesseum and the reliefs here will tell a story.

    Legend also has it that every time you take Ramses' name in the temple his spirit is said to come alive momentarily. That is why those reliefs were made in the temple so he can be remembered and his spirit can keep on staying alive.

    Valley of the Kings

    This is the final resting place of many Kings that ruled ancient Egypt. On the walls, you will find many paintings depicting the journey to the afterlife of the Kings. They are said to become one with their Gods, and so the wall depicts this journey.

    If you love learning about history and art then the Valley of the Kings is the perfect place to visit.

    Final words

    Luxor is safe to explore as long as you have a tourist guide. However, it is even safe if you are traveling solo, but it is always better to have a guide who knows the lay of the land. These are the best sites to explore and you will surely not get bored while visiting Egypt.

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