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    Visiting Egypt is always more than just tourism and taking a vacation. It is also a learning experience in the ancient world of Egypt during many periods such as the Roman and Byzantine periods. Everywhere around you will see a piece of history that will tell you something you never knew before.

    This is why traveling to Egypt is such an eye-opener for anyone who plans to visit. The great town of Aswan is one of the places in Egypt that is filled with archaeological sites, monuments, museums, and tombs. One of them is the very famous Nubian Museum.

    Let’s dive into what it is and what you can do there.

    History of the Nubia

    The word Nebo refers to the gold mines that Nubia used to be extremely famous for back in ancient times. From this word derived Nubia that was an area located in Egypt. The people there were known as Nubians. This land is divided into two parts. One part lies in Egypt and the other part lies in Sudanese borders.

    It is said to be the gateway to Africa and this land is very famous for its history and its people. However, this pristine location faced a big threat when the Aswan High Dam was created.

    The land of Nubia is said to be drowned in the river. However, thanks to the rescue project of UNESCO, many of the treasures of this land were saved.

    The Nubian Rescue Campaign

    This was an effort by UNESCO that over forty countries participated in to assist Egypt in recovering their treasures from the flooding. This mission continued for more than twenty years and it was a very challenging effort that took a lot of dedication, money, time, and effort.

    However, the project was a success as more than twenty monuments were saved and preserved in various locations away from the water. Some monuments that were saved include:

    • Temple of Amada
    • Philae Temples
    • Temple of Kalabasha
    • Temple of Beit Al Waly
    • Temple of Dabod
    • Temple of Dandara

    And many more that are now a part of the city of Aswan and are must-visit places while traveling to Egypt.

    The Nubian Museum

    This is the most famous museum in Aswan and a major tourist attraction. The design of this museum was made by Mahmoud Al-Hakim who created this piece of art and the doors of it were opened back in 1997. The museum covers an area of about five thousand square meters and has many buildings inside and gardens where you can just sit and relax to dwell on the history and culture you learned inside. 

    It tells the history of Nubia and that is why many tourists visit; to understand the history of this place. Every piece in this museum is explained in both Arabic and English so people apart from the locals can also understand the meaning behind everything.

    Once you enter you will be taken aback by the garden inside that has over 80 statues and rocks. Many of them are dedicated to the Gods of Nubia and so are in a sense sacred to the people. You will also get to see artificial waterfalls and lakes that are a depiction of how the Nike flows into the land of the Nubians.

    You will also be able to see a cave that has many ancient drawings from ancient times. It also hosts Nubian dances so tourists can enjoy these folk dances and learn more about the culture of the people of Nubia. Apart from that you also get a glimpse of what the trading practices looked like at that time. The exhibits show that Elephantine Island used to be the trading hub from where materials such as ivory and wood were traded during that time.

    After that, you get to see a whole timeline of dynasties that rose and fell from the ancient times. Many artifacts from such times are preserved such as pots, tables, writings, clay objects, statues, and much more that show the entire history of change that took place in Nubia.

    It also shows the rise and decline of many religions that used to be a part of this land. You can see pieces from Churches, Monasteries, and many other such religious places. There is also a section on modern Nubia that is relatively recent and just from several decades ago. This section includes many pieces of jewelry and artifacts.

    Final words

    To sum it up, this is one museum you need to visit when traveling to Egypt. Nubia has a unique culture and a rich history that gives a glimpse into what life was like during that time. Many tourists don't miss out on this place because it has a lot to offer and you will get to learn a lot from this experience as well. So, add it to your list, and don't forget to visit it!

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