Touring Aswan And The Archaeological Sites

    Once you are done with Cairo and Luxor while traveling to Egypt, visit Aswan for a peaceful and tranquil stay. Cairo and Luxor are on the busy side with bustling places day and night. Meanwhile, Aswan is a calmer place filled with archaeological sites and many historic temples and monuments.

    You will find the friendliest locals in this city, Nubian villages, and the most magnificent views of the Nile River. You will fall in love with this place and would not want to leave!

    Here are some of the best things you can do and archaeological sites you can visit while in Aswan.

    Touring the Nile in  Cruise
    Touring the Nile in a Cruise

    Take a day trip to Abu Simbel

    This piece of beauty was built by Ramses II and is something that should be on the top of your list. The scale of these temples is so huge that you will feel minuscule in front of it. Everything has been reconstructed in the same way as before it got flooded by Lake Nasser.

    It is a marvel to see and has a light and sound show as well if you want to stay and learn about the history of this site. Abu Simbel is a symbol of both marvelous engineering and architecture combined.

    Get some insight on the local life by visiting Elephantine Island

    You will find the most hospitable people on this island and chances are you will be invited for tea at least once by the locals because that is how friendly the Nubians are. You can take a stroll among the various colorful mud-brick houses on every corner and enjoy the palm trees everywhere.

    You can visit many museums here and explore the Nilometer, which was a measuring system that the locals used to assess the height of the River Nile. Or you can just spend a quiet day here by chatting it up with locals and taking in the beauty of this stunning Island.

    Unfinished Obelisk

    This is one of the largest stones in Egypt before it got cracked in the middle and has been abandoned in the quarry many thousand years ago. On this stone, you can see the work of many ancient stonecutters that used the stones to build some amazing temples and monuments in ancient Egypt.

    Before modern tools ruled the world, stonework was the most important thing and that is why you can see it all around older civilizations. This stone is a large piece of that time that has passed but will never be forgotten.

    Tombs of the Nobles

    If you want to dive into history while visiting Egypt, then this tomb is the place to visit. It has many tombs of many nobles with inscriptions and paintings on the walls that are still preserved.

    In the entire place, you will find records of trading expeditions that took place in Nubia during those times. You will also find many paintings depicting various important events that took place in ancient Egypt.

    The colors on the wall paintings are still so bright and vivid that it will make you wonder how they are preserved so well to date. This is how civilizations survive.

    Nubian Museum

    This museum accurately depicts the culture of the Nubians before the Aswan Dam washed it all way. You can see a collection of many artifacts in this museum that were part of ancient Nubia. It includes a statue of Amenras, Ramses II, head of Tahrawa, and Shpatka that you don’t want to miss.

    These are a reminder of the history of the ancient Nubia that is still preserved within these four walls. Something you don’t want to miss if you love learning about history and culture.

    Temple of Isis

    Want to see some gorgeous symmetrical architecture and artistic reliefs? This temple should be on your list then. It is also known as the Philae Temple and was saved by UNESCO from the waters of Lake Nasser.

    Inside you will find many buildings that are from the Byzantine and Roman periods and take your breath away. You can visit this site while on your visit to Abu Simbel and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

    You can reach the temple through a boat ride and just on the boat for a while as well as enjoy the view of this temple from outside. Once inside you will find hieroglyphics everywhere and vividly colored inscriptions that will blow your mind.

    Final words

    When traveling to Egypt, Aswan is a city that should not be missed. It is a hospitable town with so many archaeological sites that you will need a while to visit and understand them all. This town is so rich in history and culture that all history lovers should visit Aswan once in their lifetimes at least. There is so much to learn and discover that you will never get bored.

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