Touring Cairo for New Visitors - How To Be Safe

    Is Egypt next on your list for travel? Want to visit the famous city of Cairo but are concerned about your safety? Well, let us lay all your fears to rest with this guide on being safe while visiting Egypt.

    It hasn't been fairly popular in terms of safety. However, what many people miss out on is that Cairo is safe and has an extremely low crime rate. The city is always bustling with tourists and all the hotels are always occupied fully when it comes to tourist seasons.

    Pre and Post 2018 Situation

    The political and safety situation in Egypt was not good at all back in 2011. This was the year where there was no tourism as the situation wasn’t ideal for anyone to visit.

    However, gradually the political situation got better and 2018 was the year that everything turned out for the better. There was a magnanimous increase in tourists visiting Egypt that year and the industry boomed as many people took an interest in this country.

    Is it safe to travel to Cairo now?

    While the crimes and instability have greatly reduced, the relevant authorities are aware of the situation. This is why all tourist spots have a high-security standard and any tourist bus is escorted by convoys so tourists feel safe in Egypt.

    So, to answer the question yes it is safe to travel in Cairo as long as you take proper precautions and stay wary of places that are not safe. However, Cairo is generally safe and tourists don’t encounter any safety or security problems in the city.

    Buildings in Cairo, Egypt
    Buildings in Cairo, Egypt

    How to be safe in Cairo

    Honestly, be it day or night you can roam openly in Cairo without any worries. The only problem you might face is the locals staring at you which is normal because they are always excited seeing tourists around in their city. Another problem you might face is all the market vendors trying to sell their products to you!

    Once you visit the markets of Cairo you will find a vendor on every corner trying to get you to buy their products. These are the only real problems you might face. Although, here are a few tips for you to be more cautious and stay safe in Cairo:

    • Hire a local tour guide as they will protect you from scams and ensure your safety
    • Don't wear too many expensive things such as jewelry or watches so you don't attract attention
    • Don’t carry too much money. The amount should be reasonable enough for the day
    • Always take care of your belongings and don’t leave them anywhere unattended
    • Better to travel in groups so if you are traveling solo, join a group and then take all the tours

    These are the general safety guidelines you should always follow while traveling to Egypt. Other than that, just use your common sense and intuition when it comes to safety. Don’t fall for scams and tricks that are common in the city.

    Here are a few ways you can spot scams and avoid them in Cairo.

    How to spot and avoid common local scams in Cairo

    Safety and security aside, one other problem in Cairo is that of scams. It is not a big issue because this happens in many countries, even Central Europe. However, the important thing here is to be careful, and here is how you can do that:

    Don’t take an offer from locals to show you a shortcut

    You may look like you don’t know your way and lost, this can attract locals to come to you and offer to show you a shortcut or the way to somewhere. Remember, don’t accept this offer.

    This is because they will expect a heavy tip from you or take you to their place of work where they might scam you. Don’t fall for this and you are good.

    Don’t accept presents from vendors

    Many vendors in the busy marketplace will offer to give you a present. This is usually done by asking your name and where you are from (don’t tell them that). The problem here is that if they know your name and you don’t give them some money, they will write your name in Hieroglyphs on the present.

    According to them, this can bring you bad luck and doom which is something you don't want. How to avoid this? Simple, don't accept presents from the local vendors.

    Don’t exchange currency from a local

    Always use a bank, currency exchange, or an ATM for this purpose. Many locals offer to change your money for a good rate. However, most likely they will be scamming you and taking more money from you. Don't fall for this and use a bank instead.

    Final words

    Don't get the wrong impression, these problems exist in many countries. You are not completely safe anywhere. However, it is better to know the land beforehand and take precautions. Follow these tips and you will be safe in Cairo. It is a stunning place that has a lot to offer and yes it is very safe so don't let your fear stop you from traveling to Egypt!


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