Navigating Delhi, India - Post COVID-19

    Many things will change after this pandemic has passed. However, one thing that will remain the same is the beauty of India’s capital and its historic significance. A city that is rich in many things that you will find something to do on every corner.

    A city whose traffic you might hate but in the end, it will be worth it because of the experiences you will have. This beautifully culturally rich city also has a modern nightlife scene which you will come to love. It has many cafes, bars, monuments, tombs, palaces, and other places that will surely keep you entertained during your trip.

    Let's look at some fun things you can do while navigating Delhi post-COVID-19.

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    Lotus Temple - India
    Lotus Temple in India. "universal symbol of new beginnings".

    Visit the lotus temple

    Why not start your trip with some inner peace? The lotus is a sign of purity and new beginnings. When a lotus is born from the mud, it doesn't take any stains of the mud. Instead, it is completely new and pure. That is why it is a universal symbol of new beginnings.

    The temple is an eye-pleasing sight that is open to everyone from anywhere. The temple is made from marble and it is an architectural feat. Once you enter you can meditate, pray, and enjoy the calm.

    Visit the centre of the spice of life

    Delhi is incomplete without its bazaars and street food. Indulge in the most delicious street food in Chandni Chowk in old Delhi. Have the famous chaats, pav bhaji, samosas, and the endless array of street food on every corner that will blow your mind away.

    The alleyways are narrow and like a maze that will take you back in time. It is the bustling centre of the city. The city’s blood and heartbeat; always pumping with life. You can even take a rickshaw tour of this place!

    Red Fort - Mughal Empire
    The Red Fort. One of the few standing structures of the old Mughal Empire.

    Visit the red fort

    How beautiful are the remnants of the old Mughal Empire that are a rich part of the whole country. If you want to go back in time and experience the Mughal Era then visit the red fort that is entirely made out of sandstone, especially the carcass.

    It also has a light and sound show in the evenings that talks about the history of the fort. So, once you are done exploring you can stay for this show and enjoy the history of the city.

    Immerse yourself in the Garden of the Five Senses

    Interesting name for a garden right? Well, this is because this garden has five theme parks inside of it. Those gardens include:

    • Herb Garden
    • Solar Energy Garden
    • Mughal Garden
    • Pools of water lilies

    And much more. The whole garden is an immersive experience with nature as you will see beauty on every corner and all around you. This place is also famous for hosting many events throughout the year. However, its most famous festivals include the food and tourism festival. Even if those festivals are not going on when you visit, this garden is an amazing place to visit to enjoy the beauty of nature.

    Lodhi Art District
    Gandhi in Lodhi Art District

    Check out the street art in the Lodhi Art District

    Do you love looking at beautiful art all around you? Well, then visiting Lodhi Colony might just be up your alley. In this colony, many local artists and international artists have painted murals. You can witness at least more than fifty murals that have magnificent art on them that will blow your mind away. 

    This initiative was started by a non-profit organization that wanted to make art accessible to the general public by displaying it in places that are accessible to everyone. Many people from all over come now to enjoy the art and beauty that resides in this colony. Plus, while you are at it why not also get something to eat at one of the famous restaurants?

    Exchange ideas at the Kunzum Travel Café

    If you want to gain some insight and knowledge then this café is the perfect place to visit to stimulate your intellect. Many travellers visit this place and they all share their stories and ideas, you can be one too and share your thoughts with other like-minded people. 

    This place also has a collection of the best travel books that you can read while you are there. The café is also known for hosting many useful workshops throughout the year that are insightful and interactive. Many people from all over the world such as writers, musicians, travellers, photographers, and artists hold their sessions to share their knowledge with other people.

    Final words

    Navigating Delhi in this way will keep you entertained for your entire trip. You will learn and discover a lot all the while enjoying and having some fun. Many historic places are part of the city. However, you will find them everywhere. These are the most unique things you can do in Delhi that will provide you with the essence of the city.


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