Touring The Marvelous City Of Jaipur

    Pink city. Jaipur, India 

    Also known as the ‘Pink City’, this place is a mix of both royalty and adventure. It is the epitome of both luxury and rich culture that will keep you intrigued throughout your time there. India has a lot to offer and the list of things to do here is endless.

    However, here are our top picks that will serve as a stepping stone to touring the marvellous city of Jaipur in India. These are the top things to do in Jaipur that will make your trip memorable.

    Visit the city palace

    You can’t take a tour of Jaipur unless you know why it is called the 'Pink City. You will only get to know this once you visit the palace and encounter royalty. The city palace is expansive and never-ending that was made by Maharaja Sawai Jai.

    Once you go inside the palace you will fall in love with the architecture as it is a marvel to look at. However, some parts are closed to the public as royalty still lives there, most of the complex structure and courtyards are open to the public.

    Take a hot air balloon ride

    If you love adventure, then a hot air balloon ride is just for you. Explore Jaipur from an aerial view and bask in the magnificent sunlight and the amazing winds. The hot air balloon ride is a great way to explore the city from a new angle.

    You will get to see many places from the top such as Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Jal Mahal and many other sites. It is a great adventure for any traveller that wants to add a little zest to their trip.

    Take a safari at the Ranthambhore National Park

    Did you know that hunting used to be the most famous activity of the royals? Even this national park now, used to be a hunting space for the royals of the city of Jaipur. However, now the area has been preserved as a national park so people can explore it and take solace in nature.

    In this park, you can take a safari to spot all the animals. You can indulge in a bird watching tour or take the tiger trail at Bakula, if you are looking for even more adventure then you can hike up towards the Ranthambore Fort, and do many more things that this place has to offer.

    Visit Jantar Mantar

    This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 18th century. It is a place that has the world's largest stone sundial. Back in the day's people used to utilize the sun and shadow to know the time. This is exactly what the structures do here. They are positioned in such a way that they use principles of sun and shadow to tell time. 

    However, it doesn’t just predict the time. The structures can also tell how the eclipses and major stars are positioned. Of course, you won’t know this on your own so the best way to visit Jantar Mantar is to have a guide with you who can explain everything. 

    Feed, bathe and walk with the elephants

    Elephants have always been a part of the royal culture of Jaipur. They symbolize royalty and this is why elephants in this city have always been protected. They are protected in what is known as the Elephantastic Elephant Farm.

    You can visit this farm to explore the elephants. You can have a close encounter with them as you are allowed to feed them, walk with them, and even bathe them! An interesting thing you will also learn here is how to communicate with them.

    Animals have their language too and if you are curious about the language of the elephants then this is a great place to include in your tour.

    Explore the Nahargarh Fort while cycling

    The fort is an example of the influence of both Indian and European style architecture that was built a long time back. While you can explore this fort on foot, it is much more adventurous to go on a cycling expedition and view this fort in a different light.

    Cycle and enjoy the views. Visit the suites inside the palace and once you are done with all your exploration you can relax and enjoy a magnificent view of Jaipur in the terrace of the Padao Open Bar & Restaurant that is located inside this fort. A serene yet splendid end to the day that will recharge you for the days ahead.

    Visiting Jaipur, India

    Final words

    Apart from these, you can enjoy the nightlife of Jaipur by visiting various bars and clubs that the youngsters go to every day to get their party on. However, these are the best things to do that will give you some knowledge and overall an amazing experience which you will never forget in years to come!

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