Knowing Your India Visa - Types and Validity Options

    India, one of the most populous nations in the world, is one of those countries that offer every traveler that sets foot into the country something. Whether the traveler wants to experience the pilgrimage at the Holy City of Varanasi or just take pictures at the Taj Mahal, Agra, gaining access to India is not such a difficult thing anymore. There is always a reason for tourists to visit the country, and this is why the immigration authorities have provided avenues for people who want to visit India for tourism to apply for India Tourist Visa in the easiest way possible.

    Citizens from a number of countries can apply for the Indian tourist visa online, except for a few countries. Citizens from these excluded countries will need the Indian consulate in their country to get a visa to India. Applying for a visa to India online may just be the best way to obtain a visa to India as India is gradually phasing out of the visa on arrival requirements. It is now a requirement for every tourist to have their visa before they arrive in India, and the application for India tourist visa can be anywhere between 120 days to 4 days before intended arrival.

    The validity of India Tourist Visa

    The e-tourist visa to India allows a traveler to visit India for tourism or recreational purposes only. Tourism covers activities like visiting for vacation, visiting tourist attraction sites, sightseeing, attending a Yoga program, visiting family and friends, and visiting for a holiday. An approved India tourist visa gives you access to visit India multiple times. You can choose your validity length when filling out the application form. At the moment, the e-tourist visa to India has a 30-day option that offers two entries, a one-year option that offers multiple entries and a five-year option that offers multiple entries.

    Method of Application

    It is best to apply for the tourist visa to India online by visiting and filling out all the fields in the application form. After completing the application form, pay the application fee to make the application valid. You should also note that the application fee varies depending on your nationality and the visa validity that you chose.

    After filling out and submitting the application, you will receive a reference number. This reference number is what you will use to check your application status. In about four business days, you will receive an email containing your visa document. Once you receive the email, make sure you print it immediately as you must have it on you when you arrive in India. This is an upgrade from the visa on arrival, which causes a lot of delay and foot traffic at the immigration counter. With your India tourist visa.

    What should you have with you when applying for an Indian Tourist visa?

    When applying for your tourist visa to India, make sure you have all of the following: 

    • A valid international passport with a minimum of six-month validity from the intended date of arrival.
    • Details of your travel plans such as the date of arrival and departure and the places you are going to be visiting.
    • The photo page of your international passport (Scanned).
    • A valid credit or debit card to pay the tourist visa application fee. 

    After submitting your visa application, it will be reviewed, and if you have submitted an invalid image or document, you will receive a mail to re-upload. Normally, you should receive an email to re-upload within 24 hours of initial upload if there is an issue.

    When you arrive in India, what is expected of you?

    • You must tender a printed copy of your approved India tourist visa.
    • Proof of funds to cover your expenses during your duration of stay in India.
    • Two (2) or more empty pages in your passport.
    • Proof of continuing travel or return to the home country within the time frame of your tourist visa validity.

    Check out the detailed duration and validity of the different types of India tourist visa below: 

    1. One-Month e-tourist visa

    Duration: 30 days and non-extendable 

    Entries: Double-entry and non-convertible. 

    1. One-year e-tourist visa

    Duration: 365 days from the date estimated time of arrival is approved.

    Entries: Multiple-entry 

    1. Five years e-tourist visa 

    Duration: Five years from the date estimated time of arrival is approved. 

    Entries: Multiple-entry. 

    India Business Visa

    India is a country with quite diverse opportunities for travelers. There are so much culture and history for tourists to enjoy; India is a top destination for people interested in tech, and the business opportunities in India are currently at an all-time high. There is no better time for people in business to tap from India’s vast resources. If you are looking to expand your business or hire talent in India, getting into the country is now easier than ever.

    All you need to do business in India is to get an India business visa. And the best part is you can get it online without stress. You just have to do is visit the visa application website, fill in your correct details, pay for the application, and submit your application. In the course of your application, you will receive a reference number that you can use to check the status of your India visa application. The visa processing process takes a maximum of four (4) business days, and when approved, you will get the visa document in your email.

    India Business Visa details

    Validity: 1 year

    Entry Type: Multiple-entry

    Maximum Stay Duration: 180 days (Six Months)

    When Should You Apply for an India Business Visa?

    The India business visa category is ideal for travelers who would like to visit India to do business. This visa covers anything related to selling and trading of goods, business meetings, establishing a business venture, attending a business or sales exhibition, visiting to work as a consulting expert or specialist, recruiting people to work, or delivering a lecture.

    The business visa allows you to visit India as many times as you wish within six months (180 days) from the first visit. And if you wish to stay longer, when you get to the country, go and register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office. At this office, you will receive instructions on how to extend your business visa beyond one year. Also, note that you can apply for an India business visa thrice in one calendar year. In other words, between January and December, you can apply for this visa three times.

    You should only apply for the India business visa if you are traveling to India to conduct business with or for an international company located in India. If you are going there to work and earn from an India-based company, you will need another type of visa facilitated by your employer. This India business visa application does not include people from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent. If you are from Pakistan or have lived there or your parents are from there, you will have to go to the Indian consulate to apply for your Indian business visa. You cannot submit your application online.

    What are the India Business Visa requirements?

    Before you log on to the application website, make sure you have all of the following with you:

    1. An international passport with a minimum of six-month validity.
    2. The photo page of your passport showing your details.
    • A passport photograph of yourself.
    1. Proof that you are going to return or of continuing travel.
    2. A valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to make payment.
    3. A business card issued by the company you work for.

    Requirements when you arrive in India

    When you get to India, there are a few protocols that you must observe. Getting ready with all these ensures that your time does not get wasted and you do not go through too much stress. Below are some of them:

    1. You should print out a copy of your visa document with you. You should also make additional copies that you will carry with you throughout your stay in India.
    2. You should have evidence of funds to cover your expenses in India and your return to your home country.
    • You should have two pages or more empty on your passport.
    1. You must provide proof that you will return to your home country or evidence of continuing travel during the validity period of your India business visa.

    Once you ensure that all of these are in place, going to India for business becomes easier and without stress.

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